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Birch Firewood for Sale – Birch firewood wholesale – Buy birch firewood

Birch firewood for sale is a hot-burning hardwood that is good to use in wood-burning stoves or other fireplaces. Here in WALL SPACES POLSKA, we provide our customers with quality birch firewood at the wholesale price so if you are looking for wood that smells great, burns relatively clean, and can heat your home or campsite, birch is ideal. It is also a versatile wood that you can add to almost any fire for a little extra heat production.

Our birch firewood has been well seasoned, it smells really good and you won’t get a ton of smoke or spark whether you use it correctly or not.

Is Birch Good Firewood?

The answer to this question is “yes”. Birch firewood produces a lot of heat but also has a flame which is good for fireplaces. Many hardwoods don’t produce a lot of flames as they burn making them very unpleasant for the fireplace.

Birch firewood is low ash thereby making it very easy to clean after burning or wood stove less of a chore. Birch firewood produces over 20.2 million BTUs per cord giving it one of the highest energy content in wood. The birch firewood is excellent firewood though it burns so quickly buy it can be mixed with oak firewood to provide a long burn.

How to Make a Purchase – Where to buy Birch firewood online

To buy birch firewood all you have to do is contact or send us a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible. About shipping, we carry out very fast and secured shipping to our customers across the world.


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